Australia – Gov2.0 Shifts the Dynamic – Citizens Drive, Politicians Listen

Elections in Australia are Starting the Government 2.0 Shift

Elections in Australia are Starting the Government 2.0 Shift

eGov AU blog hits it well again by calling out the potential political impact of Web2.0 on the political landscape.  And there is a small piece I really want to call out.

As Craig says, multiple Gov2.0 systems have been set up by individual Australians, not-for-profits and companies. The press and pundits are sort of missing the point when they try to look at how many candidates or elected officials are embracing the technology.  What Craig points out is a shift from a dynamic where politicians decided what to communicate and how to a new version of accountability where these new entrants make those decisions based upon open data.

This is not an insignificant shift.  It is also not bad news for smart political operatives.  For those listening to the groundswell, they will be able to align their campaigns to the true will of the mass of people out there.  Citizens will be in control now as this dynamic shifts, but the politicians will be able to hyper tune their messages and the result will be more direct alignment in what has historically been a misaligned paradigm due to lack of accurate tools, not lack of will.

But all of this requires a new commitment and ethic out there in the non-political sectors.  Citizens must be vigilant and active.  Companies need to express their intents directly.  Non-profits need to keep challenging the dominant paradigms and anchor all of this work in trusted data.

Don’t lose focus on this shift.  It is the revolution.  Not open data itself, but its leverage.

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