How Popular TV Shows Connect to Open Government, no really…


My wife’s boss, Mark Toth (Chief Legal Officer for Manpower North America), has a great blog where he makes the topic of employment law, well, funny. He is a master of getting the writing just right to keep people reading and commenting in droves and as a former employment lawyer myself, I have to say, it is awesome.

One of the things I love is his regular round up of the US Version of “The Office” which he calls a microcosm of employment law challenges in the workplace.  It is well done and entertaining while at the same time engaging his readers in some thought provoking discussions.  Mark has made a somewhat less than riveting subject come alive with this type of series, and in the Government industry we could always use a bit more of this type of interaction to keep our mission satisfying and sustainable.

I would love to capture the essence and levity of his style on FixingPotholes.  Challenge of course is my readers come from everywhere in the world, so it is nearly mpossible to find just one relevant TV show for all of you.  I want to select one that is fun to watch and available online for folks to see regardless of where they live and work.  I may very well have to just take advice from readers on which individual shows to cover, which is a great solution.  I may go after a few that my family already watches, so I can get some familial time mixed up with professional pursuits.  But please comment here if you have better ideas or shows to cover as I am always happy to watch more TV :)

I would like to start off with an American show called “Community“.  Mainly because my 11 year old daughter loves it and it allows me another thirty minutes sitting by her side without the guilt of feeling I shuld be typing out an email or tweeting about Government.

Please see one of the latest full episodes below.  Here is the hook I want to use to kick off conversatins:

What is the best “open government” or “government 2.0″ app opportunity in the show?

I will update this post in a few hours with some ideas of my own.  Eventually I will figure out how best to give out an award for the best find.  What do folks think would be a good weekly award?

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4 Responses to “How Popular TV Shows Connect to Open Government, no really…”

  1. Matt says:

    OK, here is a quick start…

    Community Reservation System: After round 1 of the debate, the Community College has an issue with reservations in the school (basketball team). Simple Gov2.0 response – Community Driven Online Reservation System with crowdsourced ratings and profile matching to maximize public facility use and allow for private sector to donate their space after work hours.

    Quitting Smoking: As Britta struggles to quit, she could login to the City website and see other citizens locally that have tweeted about their efforts to quit and have advice, civil servants could provide basic and advanced advice on the site and citizens could rank quitting techniques so local residents can see what works in their towns.

    Predictive Analysis: Advanced tech warning…this system would emulate Abed’s ability to predict the future from the intelligence he has about his friends. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn give us a ton of information about folks. Greater data mining could provide even further information. As City governments have much of this information as well in their closed data stores, if we opened it up, could we do a better job of predicting the effects of certain trends on cities and then utilize the data to be more proactive about what we invest in and what we focus our policy agendas on?

    I have a few more but want to leve it open to discussion. :)

  2. Searscard says:

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