Resorts as a Platform – FixingPotholes Vacation Edition #gov20

Resort as a Platform - Vacation 2.0 or Open Govenment Takes a Vacation

Resort as a Platform - Vacation 2.0 or Open Govenment Takes a Vacation

So, my family kidnapped me and brought me to one of my favorite places on the planet – Mexico.  While they allowed me to bring my devices, the rule was I could only blog about vacation.  I may have found a good way to accomplish both.

When we come to Mexico for vacation we always stay at all-inclusive resorts.  We certainly end up paying a bit more, but we love the easiness involved and happily do so.  We also always return with a smile on our faces and we never have to think hard about booking the next trip.

This year I came to Mexico right after blogging more than a few times about Government as a Platform.  And it is through that lens that I have seen a new Mexico this time.  One which is doing an incredible job of providing its citizens – tourists, employees and vendors, with an enviable experience that leaves them all wanting more, being very pleased with the experience and returning, like my family and I, happily again and again.  How are they so successful?

Resort as a Platform!

That’s right, they built this place, and the others we have gone to that were successful as a platform.  They highly capitalized the physical infrastructure build and perform the maintenance and necessary upkeep, but they do not provide many of the services themselves.  Vendors provide us all with an array of services that each of them are highly specialized in.  From ceramic painting, to face painting, surf boards, sail boats, restaurants, dress shops, jewelery vendors, photographers, spas and more are all provided by others.  The resort build the platform and innovators have built upon it.

And it is a great model.  The resort ensures the platform remains a healthy ecosystem, with safety, cleanliness and other things being top of mind.  They have partnered with the government to extend the platform, including a new freeway to ensure visitors, first responders and commerce can get here quickly.  An airport to serve the global visitors.  A heightened degree of public safety to ensure folks that they are safe while here.  But they don’t do the innovative things.  They realize vendors will be closer to the customer and be able to increase agility.  If people start to prefer sailing over windsurfing, the vendors switch.  As clothing styles change they do again.  As new spa treatments come and go, the vendors adjust.

And it works, very well.  As I said, we return each year as very happy “citizens”.  We pay more than we should, because the platform and extensions work well.  And even with some reports on safety in Mexico, the platform was able to respond well due to their focus, by beefing up publiclly viewable security efforts, great job.

Now imagine that we could do these types of things in a Government Platform.  One of my ongoing concerns in Government is the perception of the civil service which is way off from reality in many cases.  What if instead of dreading the next DMV visit, you actually enjoyed the experience a bit.  What if you could perform civic responsibilities in a fun way that was not only easily, but greatly informative.  And what if instead of lines to check on the cleanliness of a resort beach in Europe you got exactly what you needed, quickly and in a way that was visually pleasing as well?  think it isn’t possible?

Check out Eye on Earth and submit a text on a water incident.  Go submit an issue through HeyGov.  Plan your trip using Vanguide.  These are just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more on the way if we focus on the platform.

And thanks for letting me sneak in a blog post Kathleen :)

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