Government Needs to Understand Risk, Not Simply Avoid It

Risk in Government is Misunderstood - and the Move to the Cloud or Government 2.0?

Risk in Government is Misunderstood - and the Move to the Cloud or Government 2.0?

Professor Goldsmith does a great job of analyzing the nature of risk aversion in Government in the States.  He calls out the true costs of eliminating all risks.  As an example the choice to shut down *all* drilling in the Gulf after the BP incident this Summer.  Over 30,000 citizens were put out of work so that we could be happy with exercising a huge challenge in the public sector – our need to be binary.

Now I get the ironic nature of a guy from Microsoft taking issue with anything binary.  But for me it is one of the trickiest challenges in all of Government.  We tend to see things as either on or off, a one or a zero.  And even passionate pleas from carer civil servants all too often fall on deaf political ears.  It i a problem that most of my public sector CIO friends struggle with regularly and is, in  my opinion the difference between success or failure.

I argue a lot for the tight alignment of public sector CIOs to their political leadership.  Successful CIOs understand the deep political context and admit to its validity despite personal concerns they each may harbor.  The point is that if our global civil servants understand the political context more deeply they can more accurately asses and contextualize the risk for their political leaders.

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