UK Royals Expand Social Media Use to Flickr

I speak quite often about the nature and structures of governments across the world.  I generlly talk about the general large scale moves from tribal structures, to kingdoms and, hopefully, to a connected infrastructure.  The challenge is always that digital natives, like my own children, are being born connected (one of my kids has had a phone since she was 4).  So, what happens when those kids grow old enough to take part in the governmental structures around them?  They will expect that the government should work the same way their own lives do.  Notably it should contain frictionless access to information and services.  Can we do that?

So, seeing the UK Royals embrace social media as they have truly since about 2006, is interesting.  What result when the Kingdom structure adapts itself?  Can the structures still stand if the externalities change?  I think it may be possible.  I deal with all different types of Governments throughout the world and see some of them succeed regardless of their structure.  As long as their committment is to quality, efficient services, they seem to succeed and thrive and their citizens seem happy.

So, can the queen save the throne by tweeting her day away or sharing her families picnic pictures on Flickr?

Queen and her Government

Can Government 2.0 save the Queen?

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