DoD Business Transformation Agency Closed – The Positive Side

DoD Sunsets Business Agility Group

DoD Sunsets Business Agility Group

My friend, Bill Bott, comments rightly about the shuttering of the US Department of Defense Business Transformation Agency.

It certainly sounds like folks like me would oppose such a move, but as Bill calls out in the piece, it is the design of the solution tht was the problem.  We were fighting the last war.  We structured a solution that was top-down in a bottom-up world.  When we could have simply had a few folks driving hard with a mission to create Government as a Platform, we funded a 300+ Million dollar organization that became a bureaucracy itself.

What we need to do is enable.  Enable citizens.  Enable non-profits.  Enable developers.  Enable you.

At the Department of State they designed the right solution.  Ross and Cohen can have a huge impact.  With simple hand held devices, a committed executive and a mission.

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  1. Im starting outo n all this and try to sort out sorces which can make this all clear for me, now I found it here at least some part of it, thank you soo much.

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