Kingdom of Jordan: Building a Regional ICT Platform #gov20

His Excellency Minister Marwan Juma, Leading Jordan ICT with Government 2.0

His Excellency Minister Marwan Juma, Leading Jordan ICT with Government 2.0

Was enlightened today from my interactions with the Minister of ICT of Jordan, His Excellency Marwan Juma and the new Government CIO Nabeel Al-fayoumi.  I walked away encouraged by the aggressive stance that both of them have taken in establishing Jordan as a regional hub for ICT activity in Government.  In particular, their interest in cloud computing was illustrative of their advanced orientation toward accomplishing regional growth and cooperation.

The focus on internal activity was right minded in order to gain shared services adoption and cloud-like service delivery internal to the government first.  That focus will allow them to also positively affect macro economic indicators that are holding back some of the potential for global investment in Jordan as such a regional hub.  And they are paying very close attention to the way in which organizations like the World Economic Forum are ranking their efforts and have committed to specific internal KPIs that tie back to measurements used by the WEF in their judgements.

I have some more time with the delegation tomorrow to discuss more of the details of the possibility of improving these global scores.  And I am always happy to pass along great global case studies from the readers on this blog, twitter and elsewhere.  Please let me know what you would like passed along.

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