What is the True Costs of Mainframes to #gov20?

What is True Costs of Mainframe to #gov20?

What is True Costs of Mainframe to #gov20?

Florian Mueller over at FOSS Patents continues to cover the mainframe and its costs.  I have a good deal of experience here, much of it frustrating, in trying to get a true handle of the costs of the mainframe to Governments.  I fought to understand it deeply as a State CIO in the United States and continue to work with governments worldwide to try and understand their true ICT costs including the fully laden costs of operating their mainframe infrastructure.

There is a dearth of information about how much governments spend on their mainframe infrastructures.  It is difficult to find information in each city, state and central government agency.  As this is public spend data it should be easy to find out through public records requests if needed.

What do folks out there working in the Governments of the world know about how much we are all spending on mainframes?

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