Challenge: Can Government as a Platform help attain Development Goals?

Can Open Government Data help attain Millinium Development Goals?

Can Open Government Data help attain Millinium Development Goals?

UNDP convened multiple countries in Ghana this past month to discuss achieving the Millenium Development Goals in the Context of Conflict.  It is a great question to struggle with and convening on it is a great first step, but I wonder if there is a heightened role for the Government2.0 movement to play.

The 12 participating countries included: Burundi, CAR, Chad, DRC, Ethiopia, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Sudan and Timor-leste.  Each of these countries has significant challenges internally and externally.  Those challenges also allow for an opportunity to help structure government in a fundamentally different way.  Instead of creatinga  dependency cycle on donor nations and IGO’s, what if we could help governments in these countried think in a fundamentally different way about citizen service.  What if they built platforms with their resources that allowed a global community to help support.  One where the target was developing step-by-step an infrastructure upon which peaceful growth could prosper.  At its basis open government data that would allow for useful applications to be developed both locally and globally and allowing local dollars to be spent instead on creating needed physical infrastructure components and a security structure that allowed for such growth?

Where would we start?  What would the first layer of the platform be?  In developing nations, often digitization is the first step, followed by identity and digital intake capabilities.  Often their is a misunderstanding from the banking sector on securitization of assets which could be solved by a new credit ranking system.  I know that the folks over at MIT are working on such a thing with Nigeria. 

Could we make this the call to action for Millennials?

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