Panama: Innovation Driving #Gov20 Agenda

Panama Could be Leading Government 2.0 in Central America

Panama Could be Leading Government 2.0 in Central America

Just finished briefing the Autoridad Nacional para la Innovacion Gubernamentalfrom Panama.  Eduardo Jaen and his team are truly inspirational leaders focused on helping Panama reach its true potential.

Their 311 systemis a great platform upon which they will create part of their Government as a Platform strategy.  They will create opportunity for their citizens, their local software economy and local industry by utilizing their authority surrounding government data for the benefit of all citizens and the country’s national competitiveness.  And they highlighted the fact that they drove the idea of Internet access as a right in Panama, well before the Nordic countries of late.

It was great to see such personal engagement and passion and a critical eye toward the thoughts of the day as well as the ideas of the future.  I sensed only promise during my presentation and not fear, which is a vital component to the success of nations.  As well, their ability to address some of the tougher issues surrounding national competitiveness was a refreshing view into what could be a great Government 2.0 story in Central America.

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