Looking for a few great State and Local CIOs


In my career I have known some amazing public sector CIOs. As I return to a leadership position in global public sector at Salesforce, I want to pay things forward and embrace the new set of public sector technology leaders.

If we were to embrace a few state and local governments to work with deeply, in particular on the benefits of enabling their entire jurisdiction as a social enterprise, who would you think would be best? I have worked with large countries, global cities, tiny villages, water districts and others. All I want is suggested leaders in locations with great promise.


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Calling all authors: guest blog on innovation in government #gov20 #opengov

We will be bringing the blog back to life this year. I know many of you contacted me earlier to present your ideas on this platform and now really is the time.
Send me a note and I would be glad to have you post as often as you have great content.  Send me a note at mattmiszewski@gmail.com. Or leave a comment on the blog, send me a note on Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter. 

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Europe: What can we do to harmonize EU rules on cloud?

Government Cloud Ride

Government Cloud Ride

John Miller writes at the Wall Street Journal about the efforts underway to try and find the accurate balance in the cloud and data sovereignty debates throughout Europe.

Many of us are trying to hit that correct balance between valid concerns over citizen privacy and the pressing need to allow governments to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud computing model.  It is by no means a simple equation, as many of the options appear to break the original business models surrounding the cloud.  But many folks are starting to think creatively about solutions.  Our announcement this past month of our Azure Appliance has much promise indeed.

But harmonization and certainty is a longer term solution.  What the nature of that harmonization is has not been brought into focus yet.  It could go in multiple directions. 

What do folks out there think the answer is?

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