Colombia: Santos, Government 2.0 and the Future

Government 2.0 and Open Government discussed at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Government 2.0 and Open Government discussed at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

The Story in CIO magazine on the Santos victory is telling in more ways than may be apparent from the article.

It is a great comeback story indeed.  But it is more a story of how social media can make a difference even when it seems that it is being used against you.  In so many cases we have seen politicians tune out from new media when it seems the consumers of web2.0 technologies are turning a different way.  Instead of ignoring the change, the Santos campaign turned toward it.  Their embrace of the new media turned the campaign and, hopefully, the Presidency.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with some of the folks who helped get the new President elected at our Gov20 event at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government this past month.  We were thrilled to have them there days after the actual victory, and they didn’t disappoint.  The conversations were deep and meaningful and best of all, the conversations hinged on how, or why, the new administration should now embrace not only the media, but the constituents who embraced it.  Why?  Simple, the power of the technology became so apparent to the members of the team that it was easy to make the connection to accomplishing great things now that he was elected. 

This takes the technology from a simple tool to get people elected into one that can be actively leveraged to accomplish policy goals.  To enable government itself.  And to push technology as the true strategic lever that it is.  It is a feat that President Obama still struggles with and we hope that President Santos will push hard to make this dream very real.

And ElectionMall is an incredible partner to make it happen.  I had the pleasure to meet Ravi in DC a few weeks back to talk about Colombia and his plans for the company’s future.  It is refreshing to meet with such energetic and visionary partners willing to take tools to the field on the promise of further deployments all for the betterment of the world.  They truly are evincing the idea that there is no conflict in doing well, while doing good.

Great job.

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