India: Rahul Gandhi a Popular Facebook Player

Rahul with Gauri Khan at a Kolkata Knight Riders match in IPL

Rahul with Gauri Khan at a Kolkata Knight Riders match in IPL

India is an incredible country, with many challenges.  While I will write many things on this blog about the challenges facing India, from traffic to economic growth, social media is important to Government 2.0 efforts there.

Rahul Gandhi is an important player in Indian politics.  As an MP and the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress, he is being asked to join the national political fray on a regular basis.  His famous mother, and of course, his grandmother, Indira Gandhi, have all had great influence on his upbringing and potential passion for politics.

And he may be well suited to work to bring Government 2.0 and its commitment to transparency to the world’s largest democracy.

India Today writes about RG’s following on Facebook.  Apparently he may not have set up the page, but he is garnering fans rapidly.  Certainly that is not enough to show whether he will be committed to open government, open data initiatives or accountability, transparency and engagement, but hey, it certainly can’t hurt.

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Government 2.0 and Indian Traffic: Can Facebook Save Us?

The New York Times reports that the Delhi Traffic Police have started using Facebook to go after New Delhi traffic scofflaws.  They have enlisted the help of the teaming masses in New Delhi to upload photos and go after the offenders.  Uptake has been impressive, if not a bit scary (given that many of the photos must have been taken while other drivers were driving :) )

This is a return to the civil service (and police service) proud long standing tradition of crowd sourcing.  9-9-9 (or 9-1-1- in the USA) were efforts born of a public safety need and a realization that the only way large cities could survive, especially in tough economic times, was to leverage the power of the crowd.  This simply adds the technical layer of mobile phones with cameras and a platform like Facebook.

By the way, their page is here.

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