The Internet of Things in Public

Continue to be transfixed by the Internet of Things and its application within the Gov2.0 context. 

Can we utilize IPv6 addressing to make sure we categorize our public goods (streets, streetlights, parking meters, wheelie bins) and created sociable items out of each of them.  By design, can we make the public goods interactive and can we integrate citizen engagement technologies so that citizens can interact, in real time, with the public goods that they have helped to create (and fund)?

Internet of Things: Gov20

Internet of Things can be complex, but can it organize the public sector?

But to be successful in the public sphere, we will need to do some things right that we have never been very good at.  We need to get governance right.  As we open up the public world to crowdsourced impact and potentially crowdsourced management of public goods, we need to ensure that communities are included in the planning, deployment and managment of these assets.

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