Russia: Medvedev and Bono Meet

Russia:  Can Gov20 Creep into Bono and Medvedev Meeting?

Russia: Can Gov20 Creep into Bono and Medvedev Meeting?

Over at Russia Blog they are covering Bono’s visit with Medvedev to discuss a range of topics at Medvedev’s Sochi residence.

While there is no coverage of Government as a Platform in the discussions (still need to get that call back from U2), it certainly shows a willingness to think outside of the box a bit.  Having world leaders listen to diverse viewpoints is a great step toward thinking differently about how government itself should work.  That is indeed a step toward reform that might allow GAAP thinking to creep in the right way.

Would love to hear from any of our readers about whether open government made it into any of the conversations between the two…

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Russia: Government Investing in Technology

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev announced that his government will be building a technolgy hub to help develop the sector in Skolkovo near Moscow.

For countries looking to rotate into new world economic leaders this will continue to be the model to exploit.  Develop technical infrastrucure including broadband deployment, create a healthy ecosystem locally for the development of a software based economy and utilize investment from the national governments to highlight the competitiveness of your nation, province or city.

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Russia: Government 2.0 Community Does More Than Talk – They Are Active in Fighting Russian Fires Online

Government 2.0 as a Platform in Russia - ICT Citizens Fight Fires

Government 2.0 as a Platform in Russia - ICT Citizens Fight Fires

Global Voices, and Alexey Sidorenko in particular, wrote about their experience in helping to fight the devastating fires in Russia.  It is a great example of what we can do as a community when we simply take the risk of saying “yes, we can” when we are faced with an opportunity to help our fellow citizens.

In particular Alexey took advantage of the platform, developed by the community, to launch a solution.  He didn’t wait for the government itself to respond. Hhe took the challenge in his own hands, with help from the ICT community, to solve the problem by leveraging the platform.  This is living evidence of the power of Government as a Platform thinking.

We continue to try to pursue platform thinking and we get closer each time.  We pushed forward on a new platform for disaster relief with the IADB last month and are proud of the outcomes.  When we arm officials and citizens with the right tools, we can have them all focus on fixing the problems.

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